ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: Environmental and Economic Leadership

Through the State Lands Commission, Lt. Governor Newsom is addressing the complex challenges of climate change and California's clean energy future, and has positioned California as a leader in land and resource management.

From guiding the retirement of California's last nuclear plant, to defending the coast from more offshore oil drilling, Lt. Governor Newsom's twenty-first century focus has set the highest standards of safety and preservation of California's natural resources, ensuring that California's economic growth is future-oriented, smart, and sustainable.

Lieutenant Governor Newsom has taken an unequivocal stance against expanded offshore oil drilling and under his chairmanship at the State Lands Commission, has resolved that no new federal offshore drilling is brought ashore using infrastructure on California's state lands.


California has set ambitious goals and has made enormous strides to develop and implement renewable technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy independence, and promote long-term sustainability.

Through the State Lands Commission, Lieutenant Governor Newsom has successfully negotiated plans to sunset operations that are unsustainable or incompatible with the state's sustainability vision, while protecting employees' livelihoods.


Lieutenant Governor Newsom recognizes the ecological, economic, recreational, cultural, and inherent value of California's open spaces and natural resources, and defends their status and public accessibility.